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i just purchased ANYPOINT WIRELESS II by intel, and im sure ive set it up correct, ive set it up the way the manual told me to an the other time just by the using the xp setup wizard thing, they didnt work, i tried to do it by the book again 2nite an it still doesnt work, i cannot c the other comp on the network, an wen im on the m.e comp and i try to open the entire network folder i get an error or something, 1st it say unable to connect to wireless device then it says it has connected at 11mbs but theres nothing in the folders? can anyone help me pls.

p.s my xp comp an the m.e comp are using the ANYPOINT WIRELESS II by intel usb thing.

Thanx Pls Help Me



Prodigal Son
Hmmm. I thought that may be the problem thinking that ME couldn't see NTFS across a network. I was wrong. According to Microsoft: "NTFS is not directly supported under Windows Me. NTFS volumes can be accessed only by Windows NT locally. If Windows Me is installed on a computer already running Windows NT with an NTFS volume, it cannot access any information stored on the volume. However, Windows Me can access NTFS volumes across a network connection."

Will look around some more.
Thanx 4 the help, any more suggestions?, my computer can find my sister computer on the connection manger but it wont let me map her drive and vice versa, she is also not in my networkplaces folder..again vice versa...Help Me Pls



did you upgrade the firmware on the card? had this same problem, I also needed to download the latest drivers for Xp an Me,HERE
Hope this helps! I spent hours working with support on this to get it to work!:)
first of all, when connecting across a network to a shared resource your OS does not need to support NTFS. you are connecting to a shared resource. the only part NTFS plays in that whole process is in which permissions you get to that specific resource.

are both machines able to connect to the internet??

what do you see when you click start -> run -> type "ipconfig /all"(without the " of course =])???

what ip address are they getting??

need more info to help ya dude.


You have to install the intel software also from Intel, when you do set it to peer to peer, name your network name, (I called mine Intel), Put in a five diget network key, or Data Encription # (I used 12345) DO NOT INSTALL THE INTERNET SHARING SOFTWARE FROM INTEL! it doesn't work, Use the window setup for home networking to set this up! I just set another set-up like this on Monday at a friends and It works great!

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