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Anypoint OUT - Hardwire IN


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I have two PCs, one of which (Win98SE) I rarely use. When I do use it, I drag a cable from my router, which is hard-wired to my XP Home main PC to the Win98 NIC, boot up, and access the internet with no problem.

My buddy has two PCs (both Win ME) that use Anypoint, which he wants to get rid of. I thought he could simply unplug the Anypoint device from the USB port of the remote PC, run a cable from his router to the remote PC's NIC, and it would be as painless as my procedure. But it wasn't - the browser acted as if there was no connection at all.

Is there something about the Anypoint software that is interfering with the cable connection? What, if anything, should be disabled? Perhaps the whole kit and kaboodle of Anypoint software needs to be uninstalled in order for the router-to-NIC connection to work?

Thanks for any help you can give us on this.



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I would get rid of Anypoint entirely for two reasons :

1 - It is no longer supported by Intel (pending I googled the right result)

2 - No need if a router is in place, since it's ICS Software.

If he's got Cable/DSL - go from the modem to the WAN port on the router. Then any of the 1-4 or 1-8 ports can go to each PC.
What Kyn said plus make sure that IE is set to use your LAn for internet access. Anypoint was using a USB connection is different than the standard NIC setup. If he had never used anypoint the connection probably would have been automatic like yours was.

Go to control panel - network setup wizard. When it comes up select "This computer connects through a residential gateway".


OSNN One Post Wonder
Thanks, chief ...
>no longer supported by Intel<
Yeah - before I came here, I went to the Intel site first to see if I could find some answers and was surprised to see that Intel no longer makes the device and support ended last year.

Thanks, Lee
>network setup wizard<
Shall do.

Thanks to both of you for your quick responses to my question.

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