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Anyone who knows about car audio.. DOES VISONIK MAKE GOOD SUBS??



i have a 12" rockford in my car. Before you buy car audio (especially subwoofers) you gotta put EVERYTHING into consideration. Personally, i've never bought visionik. I think if you really wants subs, at least get good ones. Here is some help to find one:

1) What kind of car do you drive?: Reason why is because the bigger the car, the larger the sub or the more you need. I have a 12" in my Corolla, and it knocks like MAD. i have to put things in the negatives, and i still feel a thump.

2) What music do you listen to?: If you listen to hard core rap, sure, get lots of thump. Listen to hip hop, mainstream radio? You don't need a lot of bass, because you wanna be able to hear them singing and what not. Techno? Well, if ALL you wanna hear is thumping and no highs or mids, then get a big sub.

The reason why i ask you this, is because if you have a car that only needs (1) 10" Subwoofer, you can buy something with a better name (like Rockford Fosgate, MMATS). Personally, I don't know a whole lot about Visionik. Most of the time, when i catch the name of something i've never heard before, i don't trust it. Sorry if this post is long winded. i just want to make sure you make the right decision.

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