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Anyone want to script a gamemode?


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The gaming community that I belong to is a serious Role- playing Game community (www.sincityrp.com). We play Grand Theft Auto, and are currently looking to make a role play gamemode on a multiplayer modification for Grand Theft Auto, known as MTA (www.multitheftauto.com). The modification uses Lua scripting, which is similar to python.

Unfortunately we do not have the funds to pay a coder, but we would like a coder/coders who would do this project just for fun. It doesn't have to be your first priority, we understand that people have other commitments in life.

The project, as said before, would be a role play game mode. We already have a community with a long history and dedicated members, including a production team, and a dedicated server that hosts our forums, multiplayer game servers, ventrilo, and shoutcast.

Please feel free to PM me here, or email/MSN me at: ethankaiser@gmail.com .

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