Anyone using TweakXP ?



Was curious if tweakXP is worth the money or is there something that works better or for less ?

tweak xp is a decent not sure how much it costs, but you get 50 executions with the trial version. X-setup is a very good tweaking program too with lots of options.
Tweak-XP is worth 29$ and a few cents.
So, is worth buying it for what it does ? BTW, what does it do really ?
Thanx !
i wouldnt pay $30 bucks for it..........but that might just be me........its a great program with a good UI but there are a lot of other programs that can do most of the stuff that tweak xp does for free. ie x-setup, tweak ui and others
It's really worth the money, you have to run ALOT of other tweak programs to do the same job!
Originally posted by AlecStaar

Guys, look...

I don't mod this forum, & cannot touch this post, but this post is going to be deleted... I can tell you that straight off.

* I am not a prick about this kind of thing but in order for the site to stay online etc. this kind of thing cannot go on, so just be ready for this to be axed is all I can say!

(Believe me, I am not one for acting like an 'a-hole' to folks out here if I can help it, & me even posting this makes me feel like one... but you're forewarned about it!)

If you guys are into that kind of thing use private chat stuff like AIM, MSN, Yahoo, IRC, etc., that way we get no slack here either!


oh umm sorry lol, but i just said crack it, didn't tell da suckas where to get it from:p

Here is the interesting thing about Tweak XP... If you install the trial version, make all your changes and then un-install the program, you're still left with all the changes it made to the registry...


UPDATE: Here is the URL for X-Setup...

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