Anyone using Pownce?


I may actually be insane.
Like what? Pownce's features are already pretty much covered elsewhere.

The notes and links are no different from posting a tweet to Twitter.

The file feature is a small bonus as it's locally hosted rather than dumping something on one of the many many file sharing sites out there and events are pretty much covered by FaceBook for me.

There's the client too, which Twitter has covered via GMail, Jabber or AIM (and now MSN via an external service currently in beta) and the IM client of your choosing.


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Agree with Dave. I'm pretty happy with the Facebook + Twitter combination for the moment. :)

There are really only two things from Pownce that I'd like to see in Twitter - better conversation threading (the @ system is hacky and gets out of control after a couple of replies), and the ability to restrict individual tweets to a subset of your friends list (groups).

Anyway... (not updated very often)