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anyone use login studio?

anyone use logon studio?

does anyone here use logon studio?
know what its like?
or anything that will work better?
its to change the screen when u first login ...
change the background
anyone use it?


Is there a chance you might tell us what it is, what platform (s) it can run on and what it's used for?

I might want to try a demo of it and then post you my opinions.
i havne't tried it never seen it jus heard of it n have a link to dload it but yea its used to change the login screen
you know how some people customize theres to be a different colour or a different picture there..instead of the simple blue saying windows xp where you would log in to your different user accounts on your cpu...its used to change that screen..
i'll post a link to it in just a second


Have not downloaded the suggested software posted. Stardock I don't trust ever.

I once downloded a freebie, for mouse pointers, cursors and I could not get rid of it properly. My spyware app also told me it was stuffed full of spyware.

Stardock is one of those company's like real networks that in my past experience I don't trust.

BootXp I used a few times, I have registered it for 8 dollars. It does though give me support mail quick and a lot of boot screens have been made for it on their forums.

I even ran my machine boot looking like net server 2003, looked groovy.

Don't use it at mo as dunno if it will work with xp2 rc1!

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