Anyone Use FIX IT 4.0??


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15 Oct 2002
For those that don't know what it is its an all in one fix it program it has lots of nice tools to use to tweak your machine. Comes with a nice anti virus program that stays constantly updated.. (new updates almost weekly ) and severall other tools Anyone who's used it or is using it please tell me what you think. I know there is an upgrade to ver 5.0 but i'm curious about this version in particular.
Not as good as Version 3 Fix It.

I did NOT like version 4 of Fix-It,it got rid off the 'Win Customizer' and the 'auto update' refused to work,I went back to version3, you can still update the anti-virus for free from the VCom website. :cool:
I stopped using it after the reg fixer screwed up windows

I have been lucky... i have had no problems what so ever with it.. it works well i've been using it for almost a year on my 'test' machine i'm considering moving it to my "main" machine this weeeknd.. Reg Fixer might be the only util i haven't used.
I have fix it. Its a awsome program cept like 2 times i did one of the programs and it deleted all my songs and movies from kazaa! i was so mad. o well i only had like 20 things but still i have dial up that takes along time!!!!
i would reccomend people to use this... the only way it could delete your files and damage the registry if thats what you told it to do... i have always checked the options carefully and it has always been fine for me.. although i noticed that when its running in the task bar after a while it really starts to lag windows.. i remember closing all the auto stuff so the task bar was not there and it worked perfect and i still use it to this day.
Its def a neat little program with lots of little tweaks...

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