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Anyone seen Fluffy

Bytes Back

Ex Police Chief
I seem to have lost Fluffy the Rottweiller. He's not hard to spot, large, black, furry and with a tendency to attach himself to your leg :D

If you notice him whilst making a post, just report back here and I'll scream over to the appropriate thread.



Oh sorry was fluffy your pet, urm..well it did taste nice!! lol :D

*feels something tugging leg*....*looks down at leg*....*sees Jewelzz biting*!!!

Eeeeeek... Jewelzz stop that!, bad girl..bad girl!!

Bytes Back

Ex Police Chief
You've eaten fluffy :eek: :eek:

Meet son of fluffy :D

*son of fluffy looks stuy_b up and down, notices a bit of fluffy bone sticking out of the corner of his mouth and leaps to get it*

Go son of fluffy, go

*fluffy lands on stuy_b, tears the bone from his mouth, swallows it and eyes up his head hungrily....................*

Bytes Back

Ex Police Chief
666 ? :eek:

Eating dogs :eek:

Meet son of son of fluffy :D

*son of son of fluffy pounces on stuy_b and eats him with one gulp.*

*son of son of fluffy refuses to regurgitate him until he stops eating fluffys ancestors*


**looks through gunky stomach and finds some old bones**

**.. starts playin tune with them, much to son of son fluffy's dislike..**

Fluffy convulses and pukes, freeing me!

**I wipe the gunge off.......Mwahahaha if you strike me down I will become more powerfull than you can possibly imagine..Mwahahahaha**

Bytes Back

Ex Police Chief
*Son of son of Fluffy, by now a little annoyed, Whips out a Chain saw secreted in his fur and neatly severs Stuy_b's legs*


*SOSO Fluffy picks up the legs, settles down and chews on the contentedly*


A Proud Australian
Meow ... Ahh, dim-sim taste very nice tonight.

Hey Bytes back, can you get your dog of my leg, slows me down chasing the cat. (Was going to say pussy but ppl might of taken it the wrong way?)


Beware the G-Man
Political User
Hey Hipster Doofus, Yer Pus... Err Umm... Cat is over here having a bowl of milk.

Bytes back, Son of Son of Fluffy's over here too. Tried to ride me Leg, got a bowl of Milk instead. Still had one of Stuy_b's legs. He enjoyed it very much with his Milk.

Hey Stubby... Err... I ment Stuy_b, stop crawlin around on da floor and help me clean up their slobber. :p

Hey Smokie, You leave Kitty alone. You know how weird these 300 LB Bermese Tigers get when you mess with them? It took me 15mins. to wrestle Kitty to the ground and hog tie her with a big feather. She luved it. :p

I think Son of Son of Fluffy's got a thing fer Kitty. Heh Heh.

Bytes Back

Ex Police Chief
SOSO Fluffy get off everyones legs !!

*SOSO Fluffy removes himself from gonaads leg and reluctantly attaches himself to bytes back leg*

*Kitty looks adoringly at SOSO Fluffy*

Bytes Back

Ex Police Chief
*fluffy detaches himself from bytes back leg and ambles over to kitty, he sniffs certain area and ***************CENSORED****************** Gets off after* :eek:

I think were ging to need a new name for a cross between a Rottweiller and a burmese tiger.

Riger ? Burweiller ? :D

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