Anyone run into this problem before?


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8 Dec 2001
I installed upgraded from an Audigy to an Audigy 2. I used Driver Cleaner to remove all Creative drivers from my HDD before I installed the Audigy2. Everything went fine until I rebooted. At this point I hanging at the WinXP splash screen. I went into safemode and removed the drivers with DC2. Rebooted and was able to make it into windows. So I proceeded to install the drivers once again. But this time I make it to 95% installing drivers on my hdd and I get a "Not Responding" window. Reboot and it will hang at splash screen, entered safe mode and removed files. I fought this for the past 2 nights. Then tonight a I said wtf I will delete my nFORCE drivers. Well I did that and was able to get back into Windows. I installed the Audigy2 Drivers and everything installed without a hitch. I booted a few times and everything worked great. Then I said wtf and installed the nFORCE driver 3.13. Well guess what I couldn't boot into windows. So back to safe mode, but only this time I removed the SW Drivers from my computer and rebooted. I was able to get into Windows again. So the moral of this long post is for some strange reason the Computer Gods curse me and said that the SW Driver from the nFORCE will not like Audigy2 Drivers. I am wondering if anyone else has this problem.

I am running a
ABIT AN7 Mobo.
2100 XP o/c 2600
ATI 9800
Check the FAQ at the Nforce and Audigy sites. Actually, you should do that before you buy upgrades. Then send their tech support an email. Sometimes you get to be the first to report a compatibility issue...

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