Anyone Pierced?


I may actually be insane.
Completely out of random curiosity, what piercings do our lovely members have ?

I have my left eyebrow done with a straight barbell and my left ear done twice through the lobe, I intend to get my tongue done at some point in the future too ;)

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I have my ears done 3 times in each and that's it for me.....I do piercings and that's enough to put me off .. It's disgusting :eek:
But I don't mind having a tattoo done though :D


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nah been told by a "friend" that as long as you drink lots of tequila first, it don't hurt!

ps reached me 100TH post - little cheer from the crowd


I may actually be insane.
Hrm, dont see the logic of prefering a tatoo over a piercing (i just love piercings tho :p)
At least you can take a piercing out, you're stuck with a tatoo, and depending on where you have it, not many people will see it, altho i spose that could be the same for a piercing.

Either way, be it jabbing a metal bar/hoop through yourself, or injecting ink into your flesh ... its all wrong, yet so right at the same time :D :D

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