Anyone Notice more hard drive


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8 Dec 2001
noise with Vista? I wouldn't have said anything but I've notice it in all three of my machines I installed it in. These HDD are less than 6 months old.
Is it just disk activity sound? If so, it's either the background defrag engine (it happens automatically now), or the search indexer doing its job. Nothing to worry about. :)
I've noticed that the gpu fans are at full throttle all the time when running vista, but I guess that's down to the visual graphics on the desktop. Either that, or the nvidia drivers are useless at controlling the gpu card.
To me it sounds like the Click of Death... Only when I install or un install something.
Hmmm that reminds me of the Windows 2000 update that decided to change my monitor settings to refresh rate it couldn't support. Fried the monitor.

Probably not anything like that though. MS has gotten much smarter...

Mkae sure SMART is turned on. It should report any abuse that is stressing the drive.

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