Anyone need to justify a 24" LCD?

I actually need help trying to convince myself not to get a 24" LCD. But this works too. :p
Just one? How about dual 24"?
well I'll wait another month or two for my finances to settle after the house move and I'll try getting 2 on credit :)
I have a 22" LCD screen, and I justified it by actually using it, together with my MacBook Pro's screen to do multi-tasking.

(More than one porn at once, off course :p)
these core 2 duo's come in handy. Full screen playback of two pron flicks at once at full frame rate. Hit mute on both so you don't have a cacophony and voila!

On an unrelated note can I get the old quick reply box back? I don't like the fancy image processing and fancy html capturing one...
I am trying to convince myself with reasons of not to get one as well. With what I do; I need one, no matter how you look at it ...
Well I can help you avoid a 30". Those things are just a bit smaller than my TV, albeit lighter...
Having dual 24" flat panels is like having a hot girlfriend/wife. Well, maybe not.
did you post photos anywhere?

kcnycheif might want another reason to be calling you names :D
I'd jump on the dual 24 ship if I could, but my dual 20's barely fit my desk as it is :(
If I was going to get dual monitors I would get the daul 20" wide screens .. Now I want one of those lol ..
I have dual 20's now - if you buy me dual 24's we can trade :D
I have a 15" widescreen and a 22" widescreen. I use the widescreen for a lot more than just my computer though, it has a ton of inputs. YbPtR, S-Video, DVI, D-Sub, Video and sound. And it can switch between the two when I want. Just the press of a button, that means I am not stuck with either use it for DVI or for VGA like most wide screen monitors.

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