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Anyone need a job? JW? Omar?


Bow Down to the King
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A major condom brand said Friday it expected thousands of applicants for a new unpaid job on offer — condom tester.

Durex said 200 adult Australians — men and women — are wanted to test a range of its condoms.

While the successful applicants will not be paid, each will receive a pack of Durex sex products, a chance to win 1,000 Australian dollars ($857 U.S.), plus professional prestige, the company said in a statement.

"Who wouldn't want to have a chance with an actual authorized professional?" Durex marketing manager Sam White asked.

"Durex is expecting thousands of applicants," the statement said.

Hopefuls must explain in their applications why they would make "expert" condom testers.

How they test the condoms is not specified, but testers must provide honest feedback about how they find the products.

No deadline is set for evaluating a range of four condoms and other sex products.
Source: FOXNews.com


F@H - Is it in you?
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Did you read the microscopic disclaimer?

Apparently, it's for midget-sized testing only.

Where be Roadhog?



X2 & Lovin' It
oh thats a load of crap bring that job over to the STATES and i'll be applying with different names!!! Dirty Sanchez, Ron Burgundy, Seymour C. Hunt, just to name a few

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