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anyone know whats this about?



Hi, This is not an Tech knowledge answer.

If it was my computer I would click OK and ignore it.

Some virus can stop your AV programs from working and I am guessing that this is a reminder of that from Norton.

I could be wrong but that is what I would do but I KNOW I do not have a virus problem. Peace Mal
This sounds like a clash of software, seen it before somewhere! I would be inclined to uninstall it completely, reboot, clean out your Temp directory then re-install.

Better still use the CD as a coffee mat and install AVG Free antivirus and ZoneAlarm standard firewall!!

You will notice Internet and system slowdown under Norton, and it is very incompatible.



Had the same problem with Nortons 2k3 and Nortons Internet security...ended up having to do a fresh install because it wouldn't let me uninstall it.


Originally posted by gothic
You will notice Internet and system slowdown under Norton, and it is very incompatible.

Zonealarm causes more internet slowdown than Norton Personal Firewall/Internet Security.

Norton AV can make systems slower... but if they do, then perhaps its how its tweaked?

I once tried running 3dmark2000 with and without Norton running... WITH it running, i got the exact same result as WITHOUT it running (yes, I closed it properly, I didnt just disable it on the tray).

Norton's 2003 products are a lot more compatible with different things than the older versions... I find 2003 products works perfectly with Windows2K/XP ICS (which 2002 products didnt too well).

At the end of the day, its down to preference... Norton is classed as the best AV software, so I'd prefer to put my trust in that... plus its charged for rather than given away free... companies who give away free software have to get their income from somewhere... I wonder where that might be??

as for the original problem... just click "OK" and use the system as normal. You could check for any updates through LiveUpdate, or alternatively uninstall it and reinstall it as a last resort.
Originally posted by TechSupport
Zonealarm causes more internet slowdown than Norton Personal Firewall/Internet Security.

My company (Computer technical services) see many customers in a day, and a good proportion of those have software problems. Now, the ONLY software incompatability that we see virtually every day is bl**dy Norton!! It clashes most often with specific 3-D and image intensive, in-house software (softimage, Lightwave etc.)
We recommend to ALL our business customers to use other software, and normally suggest AVG Pro and Sygate Pro 5.0 firewall.

I personally have been using ZoneAlarm Pro since version 1.5 and would not use anything else, having seen the effect of other software, and been able to compare them against ZA many times over!!



user errors the lot of em :p

also... pcs being sold with like 2.8ghz processors, 128mb gf4 graphics, 80gb hdd and 128mb ram tend to cause slowdowns, as the ram levels suck...

ive personally never found a single problem with norton slowing down any systems i have either personally built, or had to look at in the past.

anyway... at the end of the day... its personal preference as to which software you want to use... but id sooner use software that you paid for, thats highly rated worldwide and updated regularly than software thats free. Who knows what they bulk the software up with in order to get their staff's wages :p

i have used sygate, zonealarm and avg in the past. we use avg in work (not because of preference... but because the company is cheap), i used zonealarm free version at first, then changed to pro... both versions lagged my connection to hell and back... games were unplayable compared to norton pf. sygate was a nightmate... 300 ping on a 600k modem isnt at all acceptable... i uninstalled it, reinstalled norton... back to 30 ping

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