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Anyone know of software that can manage a network?

Anyone know of an application that easily manages a network?


I want to be able to remove say a program from everyone on the network or install it to everyone on the network without having to walk to each computer to install it.

Example: Say I want to remove Microsoft office 2003 and install it for everyone on the network. Something that would allow me to do that.

Also other network tools like monitoring who’s on each terminal, statistics, etc.

If anyone can help with this let me know?

Thank You,


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Remote Desktop (built into XP Professional and Vista Business/Ultimate/Enterprise) is the easiest method for removing unwanted/unneeded software from client machines.

I recomment using the following command at Run: mstsc /console

Using the console switch will give you complete control over the client. Some access is restricted without using it.
Well what I was looking for was something that would do a mass change at one time versus doing each terminal one by one.

I.E I was looking into Systems Management Server 2003 as an option but wasnt sure if it was capable of doing this.


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Just a note: the /console switch only works on a win2003 server. It does not work when connecting to a windows 2000 server.


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You might want to look into Ethereal too, but I have a feeling you may have to put in the actual work to look after machines individually for what you want, though perhaps you could do some scripting if the machines are very homogenous in terms of what is installed and what operations you are looking to perform.


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actually, ethereal has been forked to wireshark. Ethereal is no longer being maintained.

Wireshark/ethereal isn't really a network management utility per se. It's a network analyzer used to capture and analyze the packets traveling across the network to troubleshoot network issues. Can't really use it to add/remove programs, etc.. can't use it easily to montior who's on each terminal (although, it could be used to do this if you wanted to interpret the data stream). It is a great tool, I'm thinking it may be something that works on a much lower layer that what I think the original poster is looking for.

edit: SMS is quite capable of a great many things.. and if you have the money/time/expertise can be a very powerful tool.
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