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Anyone in New Zealand ?


I may actually be insane.
I'm going to be moving to New Zealand in the coming months, and whilst most of my queries have been settled, some of the geekier aspects are yet to be quashed, therefore I was hoping there may be some NZ residents here who may be able to help me ?

1. Internet connectivity. It seems that there are few ISP's to chose from out there, and most feature a monthly cap (averaging around 30GB for 2mb pipes) however I actually transfer around 10GB every day at the moment, and therefore need something either uncapped or with a very large cap (100GB would be feasible) Are there any ISP's which offer this ?

2. Cell phone providers. Who would be the best (From my understanding, there's not much choice?) keeping in mind that I usually utilise text messages more than calls, and currently have a contract which offers 1000 free per month, plus 50 minutes of talk.

3. TV. Some one who I shall be going over with wants to know if it is at all possible to receive UK TV signals... not sure if anyone would know this one, worth asking though :)

I'm sure there are more questions, however those are the ones which spring to mind at the moment, I'll post some more when I'm not so tired :)


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In any case, you are one lucky bastard. I'd love to be moving to New Zealand. As for TV, perhaps you could look for satellite providers? In the US, I checked out for my mom that she can receive Philippine channels through a specialized satellite service (not DirectTV or DISH). The rates are similar to cable or regular satellite service.
Hey, it's not nice to ask someone why they are skipping the country.

I can't believe he found a job there. The guys from New Zealand I used to work with here in the USA with would kill to be able to find work back there.

Sigh, Ecotopia. Jealousy rears it's ugly head...
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I may actually be insane.
1. Going to be residing in Wanganui.
2. Vodefone seem to be the only provider o_0
3. Looks like I'll need to look into that when I get there.


I may actually be insane.
Henyman said:
unless you really want a 256/256 line :D
At least it's symmetrical... :p

If you were to search for an ISP in the UK though, all the capped ones would show up first. So I'm hoping there are some un-capped providers over there, and that they're just not as well known :)


I may actually be insane.
People are asked to pay more for no caps, people go for the cheaper option putting the more expensive ISPs out of business, or force them to move to capped plans.

"People" are to blame for **** internet connectivity. I think caps are a stupid idea, but the majority of internet users (mail checkers/surfers outweigh people who actually use their line.) aren't affected by capping.

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