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Anyone here ever play Shattered Galaxy?



Sorry if I sound a little spammish(especially on a first post), but has anyone tried this MMORTS? This is the official site for the game and This is a community site for the game .

I strongly recommend trying it (especially since on august 11 it will be implementing an unlimited free play system). Its super addictive and has a good community of players who are pretty decent overall(although it is a small community still). I've been playing it for 4 years now and I still can't get enough of it.

the company that makes it has no money for advertising so it's up to the players themselves to handle advertising(hence this post). Hope to see some players from ntfs coming on board the game. See ya later


Boogie Nights...!
"the company that makes it has no money for advertising"

Sounds great. I'm sure it'll recieve great support.
The links you put in dont work either.

Great 1st post.


Url's fixed sort of...

The first url is fine but the second is dead... the syntax for the forum is correct just a problem with the url itself. :(


Well I do apologize for the nature of the post and broken links, I never was good at PR stuff.

By the way, a small clarification on teddy's post, the game has been in Computer Gamer(if I'm remembering the name rightly) in the past among other mags and sites. As far as the advertising thing goes, the game isn't going anywhere ie: it's been running solid for 4 years without a real ad campaign, I doubt it's going anywhere soon.

The game is what it is, an indy title run by a small operation. Try it or don't :)

Sorry about my pisspoor little ad campaign heh. I'm a better poster than I am pimper, I swear.



Boogie Nights...!
I'm sorry PowerHour. Its just that you seem to be here only to advertise the game. If you're not then welcome to the boards! ;)

Didnt mean to be too harsh! :)

Chris - of course i did but it wasn't of this nature. It wasn't meant as an insult.


no troubles teddy, although I am a complete newbie to most of the stuff that is discussed here, I will try to contribute to whatever threads I can.

By the way, I really like the quote in your sig.

By by the way, should I put you down as a big N-O on trying the game?:p


I may actually be insane.
It's a common misconception when people advertise things, as in the past we have had members join, post (advertising a product) and then never return, so it's no longer welcomed.
So obviously genuine members such as yourself PowerHour are sometimes mistaken as these trolls.

but anyway, forget all that, welcome to the boards and I'll check the game out later :)


Well a buddy showed me shattered awhile back and now i cant stop playing it! (sigh) I was never really into online gaming till I played it. I think everyone on ntfs should join and play and we could start one big regiment!!hehehe anyways theres my 2cents

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