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Anyone got a squeezebox? UK availability?


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
Now if you do you'll know what I mean, but if not see here

I read of it in the paper today and was thinking since I have wi-fi already (OK only 80211b, not g right now) then maybe when I got my server - hopefully later in year - this may be a cool way for me to place all my music on the server and implement a kinda juke box on my hi-fi.

So, if anyone has it, is that how it works? Can I just place this on my hi-fi, plug it into Aux. and with my server running play music at will? Any feedback appreciated - anytime, I am not rushing into this and the server depends on a lot of things (I have to find space, time, money, and come up with a near silent build to allow it to remain powered-up near 24/7)

Look forward to hearing - thanks :)


OSNN Advanced
I don't see the point in having one of these unless everyone at home wants to listen to the music from the PC. It doesn't seem to have a storage area - meaning that you'll have to switch on your PC in order to use this device. Why not just burn all your songs on to a CD and play it back on your HiFi??


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
Saves a shed-load of burning, gives you more flexibility for the future - less moving parts, maybe more environmentally friendly CD-wise, and best of all - GREAT for lazy people! (Isn't that what technology is all about at times?!)


The Analog Kid
The downsides:

Wireless is only B. It will put a major squeeze on the network, especially with wav or flac (see below). The wired version doesn't suffer from this.

Only "true" support for mp3 and wav. This means that the other formats (aac, ogg) will have to be either decoded to wav to be transfered (major bandwith) or to mp3 (who knows what codec they use and at what quality, Transcoding is bad.

Still no support for Musepack (mpc).

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