Anyone good at photo cutouts?


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5 Apr 2002
Is there anyone here who is really good at photo cutouts? I have a photo that was taken outside and all I need/want is an object cutout and transplanted on a transparent background.

Please let me know and I will send over the photo via PM. Thank you.
I could take a stab at it when I get home this evening and dig out my "how to fake **** with photoshop" book :p
PM to me please...If I have time tonite it shouldn't take too long.
I've heard CS3 has an awesome and greatly improved tool, but it's not in the budget at this moment. =\

PM's will be sent shortly. Thanks guys.
PM me also with the photo, them we can all post our endeavors and you can decide which to use.


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Filter | Extract is a much more accurate method of extracting objects from photos.
What part of the pic do you need matt?
Thank you to those that had the time to help me out. Cookies have been awarded. Thanks, again.
Do you still need a cutout of the truck? If you want I can do it (too).
No, thank you. Geffy provided me with a cutout that worked, unless I hear otherwise. Have a cookie anyway.
Okie Dokie!

*stuffs cookie in mouth*

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