Anyone for disc quotas?

Disc Quotas - do you use them?

  • Yes - they're great works for me!

    Votes: 1 25.0%
  • No - Microsfot left more than the regular bug quota there!

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29 Aug 2002
Ok guys - I feel you'll have something to say here (like maybe quotas suck?) anyways... here goes....

I have gone wifi and moved my old AMD 1800 out for the little folks to use and so having got biggest little folks an iPod and witnessed how they squable over who gets Win98 (PII) and who gets XP (1800) I thought I'd better try to nip in the bud the capacity on the XP (40GB) so, I thought, I can use that disc quota thingy to MAKE them kinda share?

Anyways, I set it up and closed - it told me it might take a few minutes sorting itself out.... second later - Blue screen of death!

on reboot Microsfot ask me for the full dump - so I set it that way - comes back up OK (except that disc report about 117% free! But we let that bug pass)

Being slightly on the cautious side I opt for a discscan...

On trying that I have to - as you all know - schedule and reboot.

But on reboot guess what - I get BSOD! Not sure where - don't really have patience for watching whole scandisc thing.

So I try again and it gives me the countdown to press any key - well I try but having a cordless keyboard it doesn't seem to register! So presently second disc scan is attempting (hopefully with no BSOD).

MY question - is simple though - disc quotas, yes or no? I'll try to make it a poll maybe and I'll be interested to see answers...

since it will be a yes/no poll please do not vote if you don't know or don't use because you do not need - that would skew results.

And if anyone wants to help me - they could advise if I need to plug in my corded k/board or if I can get the machine out of this mess without....
they worked in the end...

well - just to wrap this one up if anyone's interested. Machine is back to operational status after eventually giving up on the disc scan and using the corded keyboard. I'm not going to retry, but did watch it long enough to know it is failing at the VERY end of the disc scan. I has not done a disc scan before quotas went on so do not know for sure if they are the cause.

But it could be worth knowing - and also worth knowing that there's an overhead/risk of some instability in applying the quotas although they (fingers crossed) seem to work once applied.

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