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AnyDVD to change to yearly subscription for updates

If you were wanting to get AnyDVD now is the time to do so. From January 2009 updates will not be free for new licence purchases.

Existing licenses will continue to receive free updates as sold.

Dear valued customer,

As of January 1st, 2009, Slysoft will change its update policy from free
lifetime updates to an annual subscription fee. All license purchases
made before January 1st, 2009 will not be affected by this change; as
promised, all licenses purchased before 2009 will still be honoured
under Slysoft's free lifetime update policy.

SlySoft announces this step in advance in order to provide its customers
with the choice between the old and new licensing model. Buyers who act
quickly can get an additional discount with the current ongoing special

Until Wednesday, December 31 2008 Slysoft offers a 20% discount on all
software products--except upgrades. If you are entertaining the thought
of purchasing one of Slysoft's products, now is the right time to act!

Happy Holidays!


OSNN Veteran Original
I would love to buy it, but with exchange rate, I would pay $104 for it, thats quite expensive. But thanks for the update on the news.

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