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Anybody try the xpsp2 service pack out on the web? I am about to be a fool and try it tomorrow hope it dont crash my system.


Glaanies script monkey
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My guess is it will. Why would you want to install it? M$ has a hard enough time with the products they officially release/
hmmm, i visited the windows update site the other day and didn't see it there.

are you sure it's official? i'd give a word of caution - create a restore point and archive the sp2 files. ;)


The one I downloaded was fake.

Installed o.k., didn't have any noticable problems. Left some rubbish after uninstall, but returned my system to it's state prior to install of xpsp2.
It left the version number on desktop which was a pain to get rid of, was given a couple of ideas by users here which worked.

I think it contains most of the updates you should already have upto date by now. Most of them are listed in add/remove programs sextion and they start with (SP2).

When in doubt leave it out.


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I had build 1216 installed, but there were no important things. I removed it, because Windows Update refused to work correctly because of SP2 and now I am left with an annoying watermark in the right-bottom of my screen :angry: (btw Leevoy, how did you remove it?) and StlyeXP thinks it is installed on an unsupported function of Windows :(
The beta SP2 doesn't add anything like SP1 did. It's just kind of a patch rollup.

For in-depth info on SP2, including how to remove "For testing purposes only", check Flexbeta.
I'm waiting for the official release. There's no point in beta testing unofficial releases. You're just making your system open for anything. Not saying it will happen, but it can.
As everyone has already pointed out, installing a beta version of a service pack pretty much defeats it's purpose.
I'm not in a hurry. System is running smoothly as it is. :)

Perris Calderon

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I didn't install sp1 for months, till it was a security issue not to install it.

when I finally installed sp1, I wasn't happy, but it was fine

anyway, I'm planning on the same strategy with sp2


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Always install the Service Packs tout suite upon OFFICIAL release. M$ doesn't spend all that time on them for no reason, they fix numerous bugs. click me for proof I know you always want a MSKB article Perris :p


I uninstalled it via add/remove applet in control panel.

I always archive files, makes it easier to uninstall.

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