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Anybody Facebook'ers wanna help a fellow techy?


The One and Only
Would greatly appreciate the help if you would. Could add me as a friend, too. You see.... Archos is having this little challenge.... and the prize is one of their new Generation 9 tablets, once they're released for sale. The thing is... you need to try to recruit the most fans, and have your comment liked the most. So.... all i ask that you do is become a fan of the following page:

Official ARCHOS, Inc. | Facebook

And then Like my comment on this page. You'll have to select to view all the comments. Mine's about the 17th comment from the top of the list.

CONTEST: Who is our... | Facebook

i SOOOO wanna win one of those, especially seeing as i damn near never win ANYTHING. If i do win, i'd even post a nice review of it on here once i'd get it.

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