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any way to get an actually full d/l of Direct X 9?

Electronic Punk

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To increase your headache, shake your head alot while looking at it.
That was just a tester, took 5 mins, my real one is coming soon, erm :D

Electronic Punk

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This one will do for now.. a nice festive one.. look at that red.
When I get a little more time, I will think something worthwhile thru.. not got the time at all at the moment.

And to steer it all back on course, I installed DirectX9 today.. but when I run dxdiag alot of the files still show as beta retail.. ie


This was a clean update from 8.1


Beware the G-Man
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So is this gonna be MicroSquish's final offering or are they gonna tweek it some more and have a public offering of it??? Since you say that some of the files still list as Beta.


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Out of interest, my eyes have been facing away from DX scene at the moment and more toward generalish technostuff so does DX 9 run smoother than DX 8.1 on older cards like my Gainward GF2 MX 400? or does it just offer better performance for newer cards?

Technophorium note: Yes, I realise that my graphics card is out of date but I updated by old 800Mhz to a Athalon XP 2100. I think I may also upgrade my RAM from 256 -> 512MB during christmas (XP Eats about 130MB on loadup - I shall have to see what extra fiscal resources I get though before I buy a 256MB chip)

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