Any tests to see if my HD, or Controler is dying?


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24 Dec 2001
Unfortunately I still can't build my new computer. I'm beginning to get very concerned. I've had one hard drive on me, and now I'm worried that my 200g primary drive is kicking the bucket as well. Typically the first time I power on my computer in the day, I get an error message stating that my Primary drive has failed. If I try to continue booting, I get a message stating invalid boot disk.

If I power off my system and power it back on, it works like a champ no problems. It's only on the initial boot. Furthermore, I know it is at least being detected properly because even when I get the error message I see that it's picking up the make and model of the drive in the boot log..

So are there any applications or anything I can use to check the disk?
Well to test the drive itself you could try running a drive testing program (think each drive maker has one), just download it from there site.

Go to here and choose the WD drive you have then click the Data Lifeguard Diagnostic for Windows link and follow the directions given. :)
You may also want to pull the SMART information from the Hard Drive.
Thanks guys, I will give it all a look! And unfortunately, it's not SATA, still ATA133.
Also be sure to check your mainboard's owners manual, sometimes hard drive woes can be cured by tweaking some settings in BIOS. The Ultimate Boot CD ( ) has a multitude of testing programs on it. Good luck and post back your progress! :D
Not sure there. I know it's at least being picked up in the BIOS, even when I have the issue... so I don't know if the PSU is maybe under-supplying it initially then gets it full juice. The PSU is newer, as I have already had one die on this system awhile back.

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