Any program like IconWorkshop that is FREE?


To whom it may concern
22 Jun 2002
I want to be able to change my system icons, but IconWorkshop is the only program I found that could do it. Is there any other alternative that is maybe free?
If you feel confident you could always download icons you want and use something like Reshack to hack your shell32.dll :)
I'm using Iconphile. Don't have the link off hand, but you can google it easily, also IconPackager might have a nagware version
I am still using IconWorkshop for the time being, but I have changed some of my icons (hd, floppy, cdrom, ect) and some don't show up. I have hard drive and floppy icons changed but they don't show the others changed. IconWorkshop still has them set as the ones I changed them to. Anyone know why would this be?
Have you tried using something like TweekUI to refresh your icon cache?

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