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any planned price drops for intel in the near future?



Prices always go down after time, it just depends how far your willing to go to buy one.

Intel announced a price-cut not long ago (few weeks).
Intel cpu prices dropped a little over a month ago (and have already taken effect). When the Prescotts are released I'm sure the prices will drop again according to my Greenspanian pholosophy.:D


yea I know, I hope they CPU prices drop just a lil more..... If not I'll have to stick with a 1.6Ghz cpu....


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Somebody correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe I heard in the past couple of days that AMD is dropping its prices. I imagine if this is so then Intel will follow to some degree in order to remain as competitive. This is why I have loved AMD for years... they come out and successfully challenge a near-monopolist, resulting in a price-war that saves us a lot of money. I wonder how much we'd be paying for a 2+GHZ machine right now if Intel all but controlled the market.


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Originally posted by jkoXP
only reason to why AMD is good..... makes intel drop their prices :D
I hope this isn't the general consensus on AMD. I'm not going to start a processor war, but I do believe that AMD makes great processors. My first system had a K6-2, and I was very happy with its performance. And I know since then they have made a lot of progress with the Athlon and Thunderbird. I haven't worked with an AthlonXP system yet, but I imagine that they are great as well. I understand that a bad experience with a certain product can greatly influence your opinion, but then again, every product has given someone a bad experience. I was just curious why you, or anyone else, don't like AMD. :confused:

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