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any one tried the new winamp?


original delboy

Just seen the new winamp i think its version 3 or something had a look on there site but its a beta...has any one tried it and is it stable? whats the difference between the new one and the old?



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Have it. Seems ok. Although I haven't used it enough yet to tell you much about it. The opacity is nice. Only prob is corner amp is supposed to work with it. For some reason, I can't get corner to work.


i've tried it a few times, but it sucks really hard. The old one is a lot better - because it's simple, and it does what it should do fast and easy.

Winamp3 is almost like WMP8. (and you don't like playing music in WMP8 do you?)

the only cool thing is the skins, but it only looks cool. you can't use the player with the skins.


winap3 is good

Ok note abt the beta its only meant for developers to get plugins and skins out for it but it works ok.

I love it although I have both 2.78 and 3 running on my sys.

Database for media catagorised and searchable
intergrated shoutcast browser
faster shoutcast streams
better playlist ed.
faster mp3 decode
integrated cross fader
and loads more

Looking better than 2.78 already but not gonna give it up just yet still has some stability issues but it wont kill ur comp I havent had any probs with it yet :)

best bet is dl it and give it a go its only a couple of meg in size.


I have both 2.78 and the 3.0 beta and other then 3.0 having some cool skins and transparency, there really isn't a good reason to start using it yet.

The main reason being the fact that it is a resource hog.

When I have WinAmp 2.78 running (and nothing else) it keeps my CPU% at about 5%. WinAmp 3 keeps the CPU pegged at over 80% even if I am not currently playing a song.

For now I am going to keep using 2.78 because it is so simple and uses next to no resources.
Yeah, for right now winamp 3 is good if your into how things look.

I run it on my system cause for me it is relatively stable and doesn't hog resources, however on my friends computer it sucks up almost all his resources and he has practically the same system...ah the joy of betas :)

but if wanna know whats a real resource hog...AIM

AOL instant messenger has a SERIOUS paging memory leak. I leaks roughly 10-25mb an hour into your page file

for example I haven't been running it that long today, but it is currently using up 4 meg of physical ram..and 205 MEG of VM....I e-mailed aol about this and they said it is a known problem that they are working on heh


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Yes insaNity, but betas usually give a taste of whether a final version is any good or not - and usually by beta stage of development the core systems and interface have been mapped out and usually does not change too much when you move to the final version. In many cases anyway.

The best example is from when Winamp 2.x and 1.x was in beta stages.. I never remember reading anything about memory leaks, and back in Win98 / 95 it was stable for the most part.

Most people here aren't cirtitally compalaining about the beta as it is a beta but topics like this are important to point out bugs that other people could face.

IMO, I don't like the new Winamp 3 as it is more of a "done for looks" version of Winamp - I prefer the older 2.78 version which works well with the plugins I have and doesn't steal resources like 3, which I have also tried on my system :)


FACT: the final version will be faster than the beta
there are known resource leaks, debuggin code, optimisations to do, etc

Personally, I will stick with 2 because I won't use any of the features of 3.

winamp 3 is *not* a remake of 2. It is a sequal :p


I'm sorry Hal...
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I've been using versiosn 3 sine the first beta and the early ones where a little unstable, but since beta 3 (i think) I haven't had a problem. havn't noticed a memory leak havn't noticed a cpu strain (mine runs at 100% always anyway)Its far superior to 2 (or at least it will be). support for multiple playlist is excellent

personaly the only thing I don't like about it at the moment is you can't edit tags with it, and it doesn't display some of my tags from some mp3s properly, basicaly it sounds great and its looks fantastic .
only a few skins avaliable, some suck but others are great. only get ones designed for beta 3 nothing earlier
Winamp beta 3 is pretty neat,,but far from finished..*i think winamp is a good media player.. but i im using sonique 1.95 now..Here are some screenshots..

If you find sonique interresting give it a try, and download Sonique 1.95 Here

Hey, I'm still stuck using Winamp 2.72
Personally, I think this is the best version of Winamp, every other version ends up hanging. As for sonique. The audio quality is far superior to winamp, but it is still very annoying to use.


I have tried Sonique, it has a good look to it, but it was kind of hard to figure out how to use it at first. I only recommend it to people with fast processors as it hogs up resources.


I've tried sonique a few times before. I think it is pretty good, but i removed it simply because I couldn't find a fuction similar to the "j" in winamp - Jump to file. it is a bit hard to find the song if you have like 5000 somgs...

to reasons why i use winamp is because I need the Wowthing, and the advanced crossfaing plugins - They are so cool that i can't listen to music without them.

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