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Any one port wireless access points exist?


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Hey guys,

I'm looking for something that I can plugin to my Linksys BEFSR41 Wired router. I recently obtained a laptop from my work that has wireless capabilities, and what I want to do is possibly have something that I can set on top of my existing router that maybe plugs into one of the ports with a wire. The router sends the connect to the WAP and the WAP sends the info to the laptop.

Everything I'm finding is either a full wireless router, or like a 4 port switch with wireless or something... doesn't something out there exist for what I'm looking for? Cause linksys doesn't have it... :/

Just about everyone makes a wireless access point and many wireless routers will serve as an access point.

To make a wireless router work as an access point turn off DHCP. That's what I do with my Dlink. Then I unplug the wireless router (aka access point) when I don't need wireless. You plug the access point (or wirless router with DHCP turned off) into any LAN port on your wired router.

Now the bad news. A straight access point costs more than a wireless router.

Why not just buy a new wireless router they have the wireless plus 4 wired ports? If you're worried about security just unscew the wireless antenna.


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Naw, I'm not worried about security... it's just that I had hoped that a smaller, cheaper Wireless AP could be purchased rather than buying a straight up Wireless Router... You know those little USB Wireless AP's that connect to computers giving them wireless capabilities? I was kind of hoping that something like that existed, but for my wired router to get wireless capability through one port... nothing like another box the size of the router or a router itself...

Just different expectations I guess.


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DOH... good job jpom thats exactly the model I was going to post...


Also, Ecots had them for cheaper than that last week I would go look, their prices change almost daily...

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