Any of you use LiteStep?


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10 Jan 2004
Hello all.

I have used LiteStep in the past but only for a brief period. I guess it has come a long way since the old articles in my magazine. I wondered if any of you guys have ever used it? Have did you ever come across any problems or would you be able to give me any advice? Thanks if you can help me out.

I know I can download it from but is there any better sites than that were I could download themes and modules from? Is it fairly easy to install themes and modules? I'd like to read up as much as I can before I install it.

I am running Windows 2000 Pro.

I have used it a couple of times. It was one of those things that got old to quick. The themes were to hard to change and it had to many "annoying" things with it. Not to mention I had to do a reformat the last time I installed it, it would'nt go back to normal desktop. That is my fault though.
I used litestep for a while. It is a very cool program but I also found changing skins to be very troublesome. I also missed having a taskbar on both of my monitors. In the end I found it wasn't worth it and uninstalled it.

IMO, don't waste your time unless you have time to spare.

Hum, i think you guys must be the same as me. I used it a while back, but now it looks as thouh it is much improved. I think if I take it step by step I should be alright. I read an artical in a magazine I don't think you can screw up your system so bad that you have to reformat. I just like the idea of not having so much system resources used in LiteStep than using Explorer. I'm also getting a laptop soon that will be really old and slow, it may make the laptop really fast if I can get used to it on my normal pc.
I also used it a while back. It was too troublesome to switch between different themes and costumizing it wasn't smooth. I just wanted a nice shell other than explorer and LiteStep wasn't that shell. I ended up going back to explorer although I used a program to switch between different shells, so it wasn't that much of a hassle. If you want a shell that uses very little resources, then I'd suggest GeoShell at I used it for a few months, until I reformatted and never got around to using it again. You can use it as a bar with explorer, or without explorer.
Hum so many choices. I even seen one called Blackbox. Still think I'm going to try out LiteStep though. What troubles did you have with the switching themes and what not then?

First thoughts of GeoShell are wow, it's so fast. But already coming accross problems. First when I browse say E:\ it loads explorer, thats all cool. Then it loads the whole Explorer shell. So now I'm running two shells, omg. It also loads AVG antivirus have to close it everytime. Dam might have to uninstall this.
Still thinking of switching to Lite Step. Going to reinstall XP Pro soon. Any of you used Lite Step in long period of time before?
I have been using Litestep for almost 5 yrs. It has come a long way from when it first started. When it comes to changing to themes, there is now an exe file that makes it easier to do. Using Litestep, now, is a lot easier to use than it was in the past. Check out for more information. The people there are willing to help as long as you do the research first. Good luck.
i used litestep once like a long time ago, and installing it and changing skins literally drove me up the wall. glad to hear its much easier now :D maybe i will go play with it too lol :lol:
I have to agree, I used it yeas ago and it was a horror to change themes. Only certain themes worked with certain resolutions, and some didn't even list the sizes they were for so it wouldn't even work right and you'd get soooo many errors that it was just too much hassle. Even going between the regular themes would cause some problems now and then. I liked the whole idea, but it had problems. And of course, it's a read the docs thoroughly because if you don't you're screwed sort of program. I'm pretty lazy when it comes to reading and following the directions, so naturally I didn't want to have to deal with this program as it involves knowing what you're doing. I'm sure it's come a long way, and I've contemplated giving it a try again, I just want to see what programs people use for their themese first and their opinions on them before I start skinning Windows again.

If I may, could I offer a suggestion? I have used Litestep and while it is extremely cool, it does have a difficult learning curve without someone to help you.

Instead, go to Aston is another Linux shell, but it is much easier to use and you don't have to do nearly as much modifying/editing from scratch!:D

"astonshell is a powerful and flexible shell replacement
application. Unlike many competing products, you do not have to have
an expensive powerful computer to run Aston. Combining high speed and
eye-candy it consumes less RAM, than default Windows shell and needs
few processor resources. It is fast and stable...."
Truly, it is pretty awesome, and really easy. I hae like 90 + "themes". Just check it out.....:D

yeah - been there done that - found myself fiddling too much for what I wanted though.... it all depends on your nature and requirements I guess....

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