Any known Logitech Mouse Acceleration issues?


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Hey guys,

I have a Logitech MX400 Laser mouse. I am also running Windows Vista x64. It seems to be having a really weird precision time with the mouse movement. Sometimes it feels sluggish, like I can't just point at what I want to without compensating a bit. To correct this, I've installed the Logitech software for the mouse, however I didn't notice any improvement.

I have been trying to find an even balance with acceleration and mouse speed, and I'm just having a problem in doing so. Are there any known issues regarding this, or any advice? I used another mouse to see if it was me or not, but it definitely seems to be an issue with the mouse.


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Is this a wireless mouse?

Do you have the ability of moving the receiver closer to the mouse?


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Sorry, I neglected to specify this is in fact a Wired (USB) mouse... and it does sort of feel similar to issues I've had with wireless mice in the past.


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Assuming the system in question has adeqaute RAM and CPU horsepower to run your VISTA version of choice. The system in your signature should be fien if thats the one.

Age old advice remove and reinstall the device and it's drievrs to make sure the new Logitech drivers are cleanly installed. It should not be sluggish.

Does it feel like system delay or could it be a video update delay? As a test drop back to minimal features on the display (no shadows, no show while dragging, etc.).


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Leejend, the system specifications are in my signature. I don't think it's a processing power problem at all, and testing with another mouse I didn't have the problem at all. I can't really describe if it's a system or a video thing. I will try to remove the drivers and reinstall using logitechs, as it was originally just using the drivers it used when I connected via USB.

It's difficult to describe. To me, it seems like when I'm going to point at something, I know I'm moving my hand at the correct speed / momentum to get it there. However, near the end somehow it doesn't quite make it all the way, or goes too far. I've only had this problem before, when I was using a wireless mouse (I tried this twice way back in the day on my other PC), it seemed to be the same acceleration problem.


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Unfortunately I can't edit the topic of this thread. I wanted to change it to the following, I wonder if anyone has any idea?

Are there any known issues with Vista x64 bit OS and perhaps the Logitech Mouse Software? I made a deal with Logitech where I paid the difference between the MX400 and the G5 ($20), and I'm hoping the G5 resolves my issues. Logitech sent me a second MX400 and I had the same exact issue. I'm really concerned that the G5 is going to have the same "ball mouse syndrome" type issue.

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