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Any Ideas??


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Wondering if anyone here has any ideas on this.

I have a computer that up until last night seemed to be working fine, all of a sudden it won't POST. I've disconnected all drives, still nothing, removed the RAM (Computer should still post without RAM right??) and even tried a different PSU, still nothing. Reset the BIOS both via the jumper and by removing the battery, nadda. It's using the onboard video so I put in a stand-alone vid card and hooked the monitor to that, but since I can't post I can't get into the bios to change any options. Either way still getting nothing, no beeps, nothing. The fans on both the PSU and the CPU are going but the monitor just stays blank (the power light on it just flashes) and nothing happens.

Anyways I'm outta ideas except to try replacing the mobo, but I was wondering if anybody else here has any suggestions.



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If you can, try replacing the RAM then the CPU with different ones that you know work. If it still don't POST then it is either the CPU or MB. Try the CPU in a different MB if possible. CPU's hardly fail unless they overheat, MB's can get dry joints in the soldered connections. Take a look at the underside of the MB and see if you can spot any tarnished/dull looking solder joints.

It's a pain in the ass but it's the only way to find out if your MB or CPU has died.
If there are no beeps it is the CPU or MB. Make sure the CPU fan is spinning (you did) and the heatsink is secure. After that it's time to borrow a working CPU for a test. If the CPU works it could be MB time. If the bios is wiped it won't beep either.

I keep an old Duron 700 around for sacrificial testing.


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Well I'll take a look at the heatsink tonight, see if it's still firmly seated, everything looked ok last night but I didn't take a really close look at it. Worse comes to worse I should be able to RMA the board since it's only 3 months old, if it turn out the cpu is fried, then I'm thinking prbably can't RMA that and will have to get a new one.

Thanks again for the help guys.


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