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Any Idea?

So we have ebay.com blocked at work so no one can get to it. I know we set this up in the firewall, but my co-worker can get to it! Any idea what he is doing to get to that site? (I am on the applications side of things not the networking just wondering) I am not looking for any how to or anything like that.


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Yeah, what Khayman said is most likely. You could also try it going through Google's translation tool -- just don't translate it into another language. :p

There is actually a thread in the Green Room (several pages deep, though) about ways to circumvent the blockage of sites. It listed a bunch of sites.
madmatt said:
I think it was after August but before the crash. It's likely gone.
Thanks for the heads up.

Now that I think of it, I used to used some kind of annoymous surf program. Does that work the same way?


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The problem with proxy avoidance is that good gateway/security suites (such as Websense) block them. Not only does it have built in protocol blocking for proxy avoidance but it also receives real time updates around the clock. I tested several of the links mentioned in that thread against Websense (because as an administrator threads like this make me mad – don’t try and defeat my security!) and there was only one that was “Uncategorized” and that was quickly changed.

Surf programs normally operate on a different port and once again, good security prevent access to those ports; I have my firewall configured to allow traffic for HTTP (80) and HTTPS (443) for my users ( -, servers have more access and the Exchange server obviously has access to SMTP.
don’t try and defeat my security! <--- yeah I know what you are saying lol. I tried a few and they were blocked. Oh well, at least I know now. :)

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