Any good registry cleaners for winxp? (nt)

I don't have the link, but do a google search for erundt...two great free programs at his site...a registry cleaner, and a great them both

I have tried a few and ontrack version 4 is by far the best.
If you buy ontrack system suite just make sure its version 4 (not3) as 3 doesnt work with X P
Here is the best dam little program out there that does all you want. It's called Jv 16 Powertools.

It's at
I would say System Mechanic. MS is supporting it in there Xp campaigne
a really good registry cleaner is regvac from superwin software. it does much the same as regclean, but is more thorough. it also has other goodies you may like. i also use jv16 power tools. the most complete reg cleaner and sometimes a little scary to use is nbg clean registry(russian).
Reg Cleaners for XP

I use the following for registry cleaning:
1. Microsoft's Reg Clean
2. Norton Utilities Win Doctor
3. System Mechanic
4. AdRegCln

Funny thing is they will all pickup different items for removal.
regclean is not meant to be used on winxp. i would be hesitant to use it. i also have norton utilities. windoctor is not a registry cleaner. it looks for specific errors in the registry. regvac can be used on xp and does a better job than regclean. the registry cleaner in system mechanic is not a cpmplete registry cleaner, as you will notice by how fast it runs. it looks for specific things. try nbg clean registry. you dont have to delete registry entries, but you will see just how much junk is in your registry.
I have to agree with Mike89 and say PowerTools is the best one I've used. I use that in combination with ERUNDT (which also has a backup utility).

First, use PowerTools to clean out old entries and OLE stuff. Then use ERUNDT to optimize. And finally use the backup utility in ERUNDT to archive.
One other thing:

JV 16 Powertools - Free
Regvac - $30
System Mechanic - $60
nbg Clean Registry - $30

I'll wager that Powertools is at least as good as and probably better than the other three and it won't cost you a dime. The guy who wrote Powertools has been doing it a long time. It used to be called RegCleaner but is much improved and does more things.

I can see why MS would be recommending System Mechanic. At $60 a pop, they must be getting a piece of the action.

I did the google search for erundt. Came up empty. Links would help those interested.

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