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Any good AMD mATX boards?



Anyone know if any mATX mobos are out or will be out that run on a better chipset than the KM266 or KT266 chipset?

I'm just wanting to build a simple backup system, so I don't really want to pay for an nforce2 mATX board, but the only others I can find run with the KM/KT266 chipsets.

The KM/KT266 chipsets are alright, but I was just wondering if any KT333 or KT400 mATX boards might be on the horizon. Don't want to buy a KM/KT266 board now, if a better board will be out soon that's close to the same price.


hardware monkey
i was browsing around ecs' site the other day for whatever reason and stumbled upon this...

ECS Elitegroup L7VTM (KT400)

ecs isn't a top-notch brand. can't really say how compatible or stable it will be, especially if you aim to overclock. but there's always a good chance it will work fine.

it seems pretty hard to find it for sale by itself, though. good luck.

[edit] and let us know how it works out... whatever m-atx board you get. :blink:

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