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Any freeware type programs like this?


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I got this program but my key has expired. I have had a look around but all other applications I have came across are not what Im wanting or have additional stuff that is useless.

It cost £16 to buy and Im wondering if there are any alternatives that do the same as this?

EDIT: Im particularly looking for a program that re-names folders, as well as files, any files, not just audio.
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tdinc said:
try this its freeware, it seems to have alot of options..let us know if you try it and if it works good..

Gave Renamemaster a try. Did what I wanted it to do with no problem. The interface is off putting though, its cluttered and theres so many options and tabs. The folder tree is nice though but theres a bit much too it :twisted:

Admiral Michael said:
This program is better in the way that all the options are in one page. I gave it a try also. Did everything I wanted it to with no problem. Just looks really cluttered but works for me better than the one above :dead:

But what both of them lack, is the ability to also modify folders! I really pedant that everything is lower case, mostly because I prefer that for my jukebox.

Im using The God Father, along with KMP3 for removing tags. Hmm, Ill give the top posted applications more tries though. Ill keep searching for something that renames folders too.


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