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Any coders interested?


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
A friend of mine was around today and we got talking about one of his favourite ideas, which is to make a better site than the one he did last year and in a highly specific area, which is poker.

He recognises his limitations and might be interested in teaming up with others - I have one person in mind for hosting ;) - but I recognise my limitations with coding and wondered if there were any young blades of the coding world whom this might interest. Not sure if main code base would be client or server side - probably want at least a coder for each side. And yes I do realise this is a competitive field - he says he knows most of the sites out there and reckons he has an idea or two that would give him an edge.

It is incredibly early days so do not ask for a spec of any sort.... We have not even got a "money man" on board to back us.... and I use "us" in the loosest possible sense, it is more like I am exploring options for him.

You can contact me here or via many means from my blog (see sig).

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