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Can anyone steer me to free anti spam utilities that use a "buddy list" (pre-approved email address list)?

Choice Mail by DigiPortal is such a utility however they want $40 for it. Seems like a lot for what it is.

Your assistance will be very much appreciated

Best regards, Dick


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most email providers do it anyway.e.g hotmail. u can do it so only people u aprove off + give address can send u email. all rest will be deleted/filed elsewere.



Thanks for the reply, it's appreciated. I have Netscape & Opera & neither use buddy lists, only those stupid filters that aren't effective against first time spammers. I'll check into hotmail.

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Best regards, Dick


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McAfee SpamKiller works pretty good, but it ain't free.

I really hate saying anything from McAfee works pretty good, but this program actually does the job fairly easy.

Just my opinion for all you jump on me



Iceman, Thanks for your reply.

I read a bit about McAfee SpamKiller. From what I gathered it uses a black list approach rather than a "buddy/contact/address book" list. And, as you pointed out it ain't free.

On another forum I learned of a "freebie" called "Mail Washer". It appears to be capable of doing what I want. Below is the URL for it.

Best regards, Dick


Anti-Spam Software

Can some one steer me to a good, but free, anti-spyware program?

I see one on a Lavasoft web site called Ad-Aware. If you've used it, your appraisal of it would be very much appreciated.

Best regards, Dick
I have been using MailWasher for some time and it is a very good program. Until recently it only worked with POP3 accounts but the latest version 2.00 beta is now supposed to work with webmail.

MailWasher allows you to maintain a friends list and a blacklist. You can set it to auto-delete anything on your blacklist and this even extends to any mail coming from a specified domain. The corresponding mail will be deleted automatically as soon as MailWasher logs into your ISP's mail server.

A feature to be careful about using is the one that allow you to bounce back an email to a spammer, making it look as though your email address is no longer in use. Whilst this may seem like a good idea unless the email is bounced back immediately upon receipt you can give the game away. If you bounce back an email say 2 days after it was sent the spammer will know that it was delivered to a real address. Then you are likely to get more spam!

Aside from the auto-deletion facility the biggest bonus of the program is that you can see what is waiting for you on your ISP's mail server before downloading. This gives you the opportunity to delete anything that you don't like the look of. You can open an email to preview it before it is downloaded but this may not be safe if there is some form of malware waiting to be activated by such an action.

The other main defense against spam is to use disposable email addresses which forward email to your real address. These email "aliases" can be issued to others as and when required and can be subsequently turned off if you start getting spammed at a particular address. Further details can be found at... (see Tips and help for regular users)



ad-aware is very great. but if you could find the plus version is it even better. beacuse u have ad-watch who is a little prog who checks it all and could wash away ****ies who "call back home"

the best thing to use.
one more good prog is popupstopper who actually works!!!! stopps "pornpops" very effective

but can't do anything against webdialer who is very nasty to discover in your computer.
how it can but climbs through firewall easily but how???

take care


Thanks to all of you who have replied to my post, your suggestions are very much appreciated.

Special thanks to Shiatsu for the very detailed reply. Thats a good tip about replying promptly to emails. I missed doing so while I was traveling during the past week. By the way, do you mean reply promptly after opening the email or after it was sent. In this current case, I wasn't here to open it.

Although Mailwasher works great, one thing I don't like is that it has to be manually launched when you first log on to the internet. It would be nice if it would deploy automatically when you log on to your ISP. It can be set to launch using the Windows XP Start Menu but then you have to click OK & minimize it each time. This takes more operations than manually launching it.

Best regards to all, Dick
The best thing to do with spam is not to reply at all and that includes bouncing messages back to the spammer. Just delete the email and if you keep getting more spam from the same source use MailWasher to auto-delete the address/domain the mail is coming from.

If you get spammed from a lot of different addresses operating from the same domain you can tell MailWasher to blacklist the entire domain by addiing... *@[name of domain] to your blacklist option.

As I understand it if you have html enabled a spammer may even know that you have opened a message (just to have a look) if you do this whilst online - even though you subsequently delete the message. So I would suggest that you either tell MailWasher to delete it without opening the message or download it and then go offline before opening the email.


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