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which anti popup prog do u use?
I use Advanced Popup Killer 2002, Real good but i am searching for something better.


I use POW!

It puts a strange looking yellow icon down in the system tray, next to the clock.
When a window pops up, you just go down to the POW! icon and click on it and choose "Add/Delete Popup", a POW! window will open up. You will see two sections, an upper and lower. Anything in the upper section will be closed when it see's that window pop-up. The lower section are all your current open windows. Double-clicking on the pop-up windows description in the lower section adds it to the upper section. Click done and that window will disappear.
For IE I use Pop Up Stopper Pro.
For Opera I use it's own pop up control.
For Mozilla I use The Proximation
My IE32 defaults to Pop Up Stopper Pro.

In short, no more pop ups or other annoyances.


dont need 1 i dont go round any dodgy sites :p ie: pron and w@rez sites :p well...... i do but thats not the point ;)
Quote: "dont need 1 i dont go round any dodgy sites ie: porn and w@rez sites well...... i do but thats not the point "

At least you are honest. There is professional help available for your surfing habits...:D


I really like PopUpCop. It is not free but really works great. It installs as a toolbar in IE and gives you quick access to many controls like cookies, cache, animations, sounds...and many more. Turn javascript on or off with a single click. I was tired of permantly clicking,searching,scrolling in Internetoptions and no more silly questions "Are you really sure you want to change..."


Download AdsGone version 398. Works for all browsers. Best pop up stopper I have seen so far. I have used the ones mentioned here but they are for individual browsers..i.e. just for IE, or just for Netscape, etc. AdsGone is only stopper installed in my system and I use IE, Netscape 480, Mozilla 1.1, and Opera. It works for all of them. Hope this helps.

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