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Anti-piracy in Sweden

I don't know if you've heard this, but in Sweden the APB (Anti-Piracy Beureau) currently seems to be at open war with file sharers. It's been escalating for a while, but now all hell seems to have broken loose. I guess it started when APB started to get search warrants for a few people.

March 7 - A DDoS attack was launched at the homepage of APB (www.antipiratbyran.com). The DDoS was manual, i.e. people were asked to participate, and did so. APB decides to take it down for a few days, saying that "only pirates visit it anyway, so it's no big deal". APB's provider, Bahnhof Internet (www.bahnhof.se), changes the domain dns to, eliminating the problem.

March 10 - APB personale and 20 people from Kronofogdemyndigheten (goverment dept collectors) raid the offices of Bahnhof after getting a search warrant in court. They seize several servers and other equipment.

March 11 - APB concludes that the raid was a success and that they've taken down some of the major warez servers in Europe. None of the material the court order was based of was found, but that apparently didn't bother anyone.

March 12 - Bahnhof announces that the servers in question had been marked as "unknown" in an inventory made a while back, but that the company did not have time to investigate the purpose of the servers before the raid. One of the servers was said to have "pirate stickers" on it. Two employees have been suspended. Journalists asked APB if it wasn't time to get the homepage back up. APB replied that "it might not be appropriate [to ask Bahnhof] at the moment". No ****.

March 13 - The APB homepage (I assume) came back up in the evening and was hacked almost instantly byt a group called AUH (angry young hackers). AUH left a message on the site along with parts of email conversations between APB employees and "informants". One of the informants was identified by AUH and had all his personal information posted on the site. He won't be popular, I'll tell you that. AUH claims to have access to a number of systems and will continue to identify and expose informants.

Well that's all so far. I can't wait to see the rest of this unfold.


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The real funny thing about it is...that the hacked page is still up....too freakin funny :laugh:


Read something earlier over at Neo about something similar, an I.S.P. got raided, the Feds were looking for particular items, didn't find them, but found a heap of other goodies on another server so took that away.
tdinc said:
The real funny thing about it is...that the hacked page is still up....too freakin funny :laugh:
It's been up at least two hours now (probably more). It's midnight here now, so it might take a few more hours. That is if Bahnhof staff wants to fix it at all before the office opens in the morning. ;)
It's on Slashdot now.


Seems the raid might not have been entirely legal, from more than one perspective. Apparently the law is a bit unclear (and untested) when it comes to civil raids as this is.

Also, APB commented on the hacking that "let's them have it, it's no big deal. It just shows their desperation". It wasn't the server that was hacked, but rather the DNS account. The account details have been changed to mock APB even more.


wanna translate that for me? I been hearing about it since it happened. No major piracy people were busted from what i heard, just the sites. I also heard they didn't know the person just had about 20 people who it could be.
And now, an update. :)

Today Bahnhof releases their internal investigation about the servers and the alleged copyright infringements, along with log files as evidence. The report states that two employees have left the company because of this affair, one being the infiltrator known as Rouge*. The other employee has confessed to running the server, but only maintaining the hardware. Rouge was the admin and had control over everything, including uploading software. The log files related to the file transfers made by Rouge have just above 68000 lines. The log files mostly point to the IP previously connected to Rouge by AUH.

So what's happening is Bahnhof is accusing APB of paying off the guy who's acctually done all the work! The guy who commited the crime! Is this entertainment or what? :)

* Funny that they call him Rouge (make-up, french for red). He's what, red? It feels like "Rogue" would have been more appropriate. ;)


Anti-piracy office accused of piracy

Sweden's anti-piracy organisation, Antipiratbyrå (APB), established to combat the illegal downloading of copyright-protected films and games, has been accused of illegally downloading copyright-protected films and games - in an attempt to plant evidence against internet service provider Bahnhof.

The APB was behind a raid against Bahnhof two weeks ago, which resulted in the confiscation of servers containing thousands of film, music and games files. APB lawyer Henrik Pontén declared that "this is just the start" and brazenly admitted that the organisation had used a paid infiltrator at Bahnhof.

But on Tuesday Bahnhof released the results of its own internal investigation. According to managing director Jon Karlung, the APB infiltrator had himself carried out over 68,000 uploads and downloads of copyright-protected material on Bahnhof's servers.

"How can the Antipiratbyrå, which in the form of a lobby organisation works to stop the file-sharing culture, actively pay a person to upload thousands of copyright-protected files to a server which, with the help of the authorities, they then allow to be confiscated," said Jon Karlung.

"It's like handing out matches and petrol to a known pyromaniac and then reporting him to the police when he burns a house down."

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Re: Anti-piracy office accused of piracy

Wow interesting read Lee. It is ridiculous for a supposed ANTI-PIRACY organization to run an investigation on piracy only to have it U-turn and have an investigation pulled on them. Funny how they got caught with a piracy investigation. I woner if the RIAA or MPAA does the same, personally I wouldn't doubt it.

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