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10 Jul 2007
For several years, Lunarsoft has helped members rid their computers of malware by suggesting a variety of tools. Users would then have to search the internet for these tools and download them separately. The search for the right program can be daunting for some users, and takes valuable time.

Lunarsoft is proud to announce the release of the Anti-Malware Toolkit - a program that automatically downloads all of the recommended programs to help users clean their computers and have them running at peak performance again.

Help keep your computer safe, secure and clean from malware - get the Anti-Malware Toolkit today!

Download: Anti-Malware Toolkit (*.exe installer) | Anti-Malware Toolkit (*.zip)
Screenshot: Anti-Malware Toolkit Preview
Forum: Anti-Malware Toolkit Forum
Wiki: Anti-Malware Toolkit on the Lunarsoft Wiki

This software requires .NET 2.0 Framework.

After a few releases of this software, I will phase out the Anti-Malware Packages and this will become the main method of downloading anti-spyware programs. I hope that people are able to find this software useful. :)
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Re: LunarDownloader

as far as im concerned, these programs are a waste. These are only ever based on other peoples opinions.

For example, my prefered browser on windows is Opera... not firefox. My preferred mail client is Windows Live Mail, not thunderbird. things like this will suit some people but not the majority in my mind. Its still a nice idea though, to make it easier for those a little less computer literate. :)
Re: LunarDownloader

As far as I'm concerned this thread is a good informative thread, for all.

With or without the opinion tracks.
Re: LunarDownloader

Version 1.01.99 has been released. Reported bugs have been fixed and a new installer is also available.
  • [Added] Changes.log file to show changes.
  • [Added] --help command line.
  • [Fixed] Package choices dropdown now disabled during download.
  • [Fixed] Items selected in the treeview now update when select by keyboard.
  • [Fixed] Resolved bug where application would hang if items were downloading and then paused, when canceling downloads or exiting application.
  • [Changed] Currently downloading file now reflects in the Program Information section.
  • [Changed] Application no longer checks for applications.xml, instead downloads from Lunarsoft.
Download: Lunarsoft
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Re: LunarDownloader

Very nice, thank you.
Re: LunarDownloader

Version 1.02.117 has been released.
  • [Added] Refresh option now in Edit menu to reload the tree list of programs. F5 is the hotkey to refresh the list.
  • [Added] Windows Update menu option under Links. - Thanks Ultimate Predator!
  • [Changed] Changes.log renamed to change.log
  • [Changed] Updated icon for exiting the application in the File menu.
  • [Changed] Optimized code for parsing data and loading the treeview.
Download: Lunarsoft
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Re: LunarDownloader

yeah, I use Firefox and Windows Live Mail Desktop ... But thanx for the info ...
Re: LunarDownloader

Version 1.03.125 has been released.
  • [Added] Program list will now highlight a program in red if it is incompatible with user's Operating System.
  • [Added] Link to PC Cleanup guide on main program so users can get help with the programs if they need it.
  • [Fixed] Links in About form now show correct tooltips.
  • [Fixed] Code cleanup, bugfixes and optimizations.
  • [Changed] LunarDownloader name has been changed to Anti-Malware Toolkit.
Download: Lunarsoft
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The name of the program changed as some users expressed concern about the Downloader part of the name.
Under Links, the PC Maintenance menu has been changed to PC Cleanup for clarity purposes, this is also reflected in our wiki.

If a mod could please update the thread title I'd appreciate it. Thanks in advance!
Re: LunarDownloader

Version 1.04.138 has been released.
  • [Added] Skip button now present to skip downloads.
  • [Added] Programs now have descriptions to help inform users about the programs they will be downloading.
  • [Fixed] Resolved bug where filenames would be created with %20 instead of a space.
  • [Fixed] Resolved crash bug if application is unable to load programs list.
  • [Fixed] Errors while downloading are now more user friendly.
  • [Changed] Errors while downloading are now skipped instead of aborted.
Download: Lunarsoft
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Re: LunarDownloader

Version 1.05.144 has been released.
  • [Added] Tools menu for faster access to frequently used items.
  • [Added] Successful downloads now uncheck when downloading is complete.
  • [Fixed] Corrected minor issue with appearance of some icons.
Download: Lunarsoft
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Re: LunarDownloader

Version 1.06.157 has been released.
  • [Added] Tab control added to user interface to access Main, Settings and About.
  • [Added] Proxy settings including username and password for authorization.
  • [Added] Setting to download into categories (E.G.: Applications, Definitions).
  • [Added] Option to save download path.
  • [Added] Ability to open download folder when downloads complete.
  • [Added] Settings are now saved to an xml file.
  • [Added] Regedit now available under Tools menu.
  • [Added] Auto-update feature and option in Settings.
  • [Added] Update status added in statusbar.
  • [Changed] Links menu contents rearranged. Windows Update now under Tools; PC Cleanup, PC Security and Lunarsoft links found under Help.
Download: Lunarsoft
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Re: LunarDownloader

Version 1.07.169 has been released.
  • [Added] Windows 7 detection implemented.
  • [Fixed] Resolved bug where Event Viewer, Device Manager and Services were disabled.
  • [Fixed] Corrected minor issues with the GUI.
Download: Lunarsoft
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Merry Christmas to all, and to all a malware-free computer! :p
Re: LunarDownloader

Version 1.08.174 has been released.
  • [Added] New detection for 32 and 64 bit.
  • [Added] Right-clicking a program and choose install will now execute it if it's found in the specified directory.
  • [Added] Treeview list now covers Vista theme and supports Windows 7's theme.
  • [Fixed] Resolved bug where incompatible downloads for the user's OS were not flagged.
  • [Fixed] Updated icon to resolve issues where colors less than 32-bit were used.
  • [Changed] Improved detection of installed Windows OS.
  • [Changed] Pause button has been removed. Now when you start a download the button changes into a Pause/Resume button.
  • [Removed] Support for Windows 9x/Me removed.
Download: Lunarsoft
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Re: LunarDownloader

you're not going to prevent me downloading tools for xp32 when running the downloader on vista/win7 64bit are you?

Also I get a .net crash when trying to exit on vista 64 bit.
Re: LunarDownloader

No, the AMT won't stop you from downloading anything marked red. Currently if anything is flagged with red text you can still download it. It's just marked red to let people know it's not compatible with their OS.

A crash on Vista x64 exit? Do you have a crash log or anything from it? What version of .NET are you on? Is UAC enabled or disabled?

Unfortunately I don't have an x64 CPU, but regardless I'll get this debugged.
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Re: LunarDownloader

Version 1.09.186 has been released.
  • [Fixed] Error that occurred on some x64 Windows has been resolved.
  • [Fixed] Corrected transparency issue with menu icon.
  • [Fixed] UAC issues on Windows Vista and Windows 7 are now fixed.
  • [Changed] settings.xml is now saved in the %Appdata%\Lunarsoft\Anti-Malware Toolkit\ folder.
Download: Lunarsoft
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Re: LunarDownloader

Sorry never saw your post there show up in the new post search else I'd have answered. If I see the crash again I'll post details.
Re: LunarDownloader

Sounds good, thanks!

Minor request, but is it possible to get the topic renamed from LunarDownloader to Anti-Malware Toolkit please? :)

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