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Another windows annoyance

Here's my blue-screen of death. (See atachment)
I would just be using my computer normally and suddenly the it appears, and there is no way to return to windows without restating and loosing everything.
It's been giving me this screen (I think its the same one) since the day I installed XP.

Please help.



What hardware is in your PC?
(ie: motherboard- brand, chipset; video card;etc.)

Also, what version of Windows?
Pentium 4 1.6 Ghz
Intel Desktop Board D850GB (Motherboard)
Winfast Geforce 2 MX Video Card
Soundblaster Live Value Sound Card

Would it make any difference that my computer doesn't actually know its a Winfast Graphics card? It just says Nvidia Geforce 2 MX. I just tried getting new drivers but the download link didn't work.

Any ideas?



It may seem painful, but try and moving the sound card to a different slot on the motherboard or just removing it temporarily.

The SB Live cards are notorious for Win2k problems, and I have heard of a few problems with WinXP.

If you use the Nvidia Detonator drivers it will say Nvidia Geforce 2 MX. I have an ASUS Geforce 2 MX and it says the same thing.


I stand to be corrected but check your graphics card.
I had this after my Geforce fan died without me knowing it :(

Its a wild stab in the dark but just check - try another card by beg stealing or borrowing



Yes, check the fans in your computer too. Power supply too, here at work it is very dusty (in a warehouse), I have had numerous fans die and that can cause problems too.


I just got that same message yesterday and restarted with no problems...Then today I restarted and after windows loaded it restarted itself. Should i be worried??
Oh yes, the mysterious restart whenerever it wants to. My other comp restarts itself incrediblly often with no error message at all.

And to make matters worse, last night I tried to set up my network. I did everything logically, applied all the correct settings, restarted the computer several times. Checked, rechecked settings. Wouldn't work. Then suddenly this morning it "magically" just starts working. And now guess what? It's just "magically" STOPPED working. Well I give up. When it wants to, it'll start working again.

Anyway, I just felt like complaining.

Thanks for your all your suggestions, but if you don't mind I'll try them out later today; after I get some sleep (its 6am over here).

Before I could turn my computer off it gave me this one...
Don't know if its going to help at all, but it's slightly different so I'll post it anyway.



my book of XP knowledge says:

Stop 0x0000000A or IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL

A kernel-mode process or driver attempted to access a memory location without authorization. This Stop error is typically caused by faulty or incompatible hardware or software. The name of the offending device driver often appears in the Stop message and can provide an important clue to solving the problem. If the error message points to a specific device or category of devices, try removing or replacing devices in that category. If this Stop message appears during Setup, suspect an incompatible driver, system service, virus scanner, or backup program.

hope this helps you figure it out


also: i have gotten errors like that before - usually i power down then wait a few secs... and restart - sometime that helps... did you install any new hardware / drivers before this all started?
OK for anyone who's still willing to help me with this problem:
I've moved my sound card to a new port and the error still appears.
I've downloaded new video card drivers and the error still appears.
I don't think I have any fan failures, but I guess I haven't stopped to watch the fans.
I no longer have network problems thanks to Netgear: FS108 & RT311.
The only thing I haven't tried is replacing my video card.
Also I've been having this problem right from the day I installed Windows.

Any ideas?

I was just browsing the net when I came across this page:


Check your IRQ's in the Device Manager (System Properties, Hardware, Device Manager, View Resources by connection). You will probably find that IRQ X is being shared by tons of devices. All the sharing can cause system slowdown because everything is competing to use that IRQ. It also causes soundcards to pop, videocards to stutter, etc.

Windows XP doesnt let you change these setting no matter what, even going through the bios cant change the IRQ's.

Changing the IRQ's is fairly simple though. Please Read with Care.

Warning! Doing this procedure will cause the power management to stop functioning, i.e. Standby and Hibernation. Also most drivers will need to be reinstalled. In my computer only the video card needed to be manually reinstalled. Please make a Restore Point if you wish to go back to orginal setting.

1. Go to System Properties
2. Go to Device Manager
3. Click the Computer + sign.
4. Find the ACPI Power feature.
5. Go into its properties.
6. Change its drivers to Standard PC.
7. Reboot
8. Drivers will reinstall, possible manual installation required.
9. Now devices should be more equally distributed throughout the system.
10. If IRQ's are still being shared, bios changes can now affect the IRQs.
I'm currently using ACPI settings. The error in my screenshot refers to an IRQ error, so do you think that changing from "ACPI" to "Standard PC" will resolve my problem? I'd just go ahead and test it but I'm its seems like a serious modification and I'm worried about the stuff you loose (standbye and hibernation?).

Thanks again,


I've been getting this irq blue screen since day one as well and I still have as of yet to find out the cause. I've reinstalled, updated bios, and every other damn thing possible and still cannot find the culprit so good luck to you, if you do manage to solve the problem put a big ass sticky up at the top of the forum!
Well since we're both stuck with the same damn problem let's see if we can work it out together. If anybody else has this problem please post here...

There must be a similarity between our systems for us both to have the same problem and nobody else.
Firstly, have you got a similar hardware setup to me?
What programs do you have running with windows? I normally have Norton Systemworks 2002 and Blackice. After searching through previous posts I disabled Blackice but to no avail.

The 'NDIS.sys' is the culprit for that bsod... you need to find out what device it belongs to and update the driver to an XP compatible one, or get rid of the device to cure that '....D1' bsod.

Use that article I referred you to in my first post to get all the information from the memory dump, and post it... that will help us track down the device that's doing the damage.

A little more info on that particular bsod:


This is one of the most common Stop errors. The error typically occurs when a driver tries to access an improper memory address. Check for unsigned drivers, and be especially suspicious of recently installed or updated antivirus programs, disk utilities, and backup programs, which may install a faulty file-system filter driver.

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