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Another video card suggestion


The Analog Kid
Looking for low end card for my grandfather's rig. Right now it has onboard Nvidia 6150 LE. He plays some games and this is horrible. Looking to spend between $50 and $75. PCI-E. No real preference for ATI or Nvidia, I'd like to have 256mb onboard.
If he doesn't use the PC for multimedia:
8400GS $59
8500GT $75 2x faster and worth $15 extra.

If he does multimedia on the PC then go ATI:
I guess the 2600 PRO would be the best choice at $85. It is ~30% slower than the 8500 GT but has HDMI support.
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Unless he's got special needs, is there a a reason the onboard won't suit his needs? Or is it broken?

With that said, there's an X1550 to be had (do you need PCI-E, by the way?) for a mere $36. There's also this extremely adequade 9550 for $40 if you're after an AGP. Both are fanless for less things to go wrong (and quieter)...those qualities are ones that all older folks want anyway amirite
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The Analog Kid
The onboard is horrible. Probably partly to blame is HP butting slow ram in the PC. A flight sim that he plays looks horrible compared to the old PC that had a 9600 in it.

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