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Another video capture problem thread


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I have an ATI TV Wonder, I can watch tv but I can't capture. I've been trying to follow the directions in this guide.


I understand it all but it just doesn't work. If I try to capture using huffyuv at 720x480 I get an error saying "Error 418 Unsupported Video format". But if I use any other program I get "Error: Out of memory for video buffers" Google doesn't help me, there aren't any help files for VirtualDub, nothing on Videohelp.com. I can't imagine it is a hardware problem, the card is new, I've got 1.5 gigs of ram, P4 @ 2.4 ghz, my video card is Radeon 9600XT 128. I can capture at a lower setting but whats the point if the quality is below VHS. I'm just stumped here. Any ideas?

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