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Another uninstall post

Don Fudleone

Live for the Bass
Hi guys,

sorry to bore you with another linux uninstall post. here is the situation.

linux was default and win98 secondary boot.
i deleted linux partitions on a second hdd with Partition magic 8. :dead: :speechless:
on reboot, grub kicks in. win98 cd won;t boot off cdrom drive, win 98 boot disk won't boot, and red hat boot disk won't boot. dilemma.

i hope everyone understood that. my question is how to get rid off grub, or firstly get to a dos command line to fdisk mbr.

if anyone has any ideas, they would be greatly appreciated.




Debiant by way of Ubuntu
it will work - and should work also if you leave CD-ROM as first boot - so long as floppy gets a look in as secondary boot device and has a boot disk all should be well - remember you have to press a key to boot from CD....

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