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Well, I had this problem a couple months ago. . .now it's back. I absolutely do NOT want to reformat.

I have tried Recovery Console, using FIXMBR and FIXBOOT
I have also copied E:\I386\NTLDR to C:\ and to C:\windows

I have also tried the first part of the windows recovery suggestion in the sticky. . .

STILL I reboot and it says NTLDR is Missing. Soon, my computer will be missing, too. (well, at least it won't be recognizeable)

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.




Tomorrow Tweaking Today
Registry might be corrupt. If you do fix this problem - use Ghost to image straight away. It'll save you a lot of trouble later.


NTFS Stoner
could be a bad hard drive, thats a sign of it. find out what make the drive is and go to there support page. they should have a test tool for the drive.

ie maxtor = powermax 3
yea the problem sounds like your hard drive is going south. Try rebooting repeditaly from both soft and hard boot. If you have used the recovery console to copy ntldr back to the c:\ directory and still getting this error, then the hard drive is having problems. Also as coathanger said, it might be a registry issue, but I'm putting my $$ on the HD going bubye.
YOu can recover some if not all of your backup files by putting this hard drive as a slave on another system and just droppin and draggin to the original drive and burning them files. Its up to you, but unfortunately for you,as of this point, it sounds like a format is feasable.


Tomorrow Tweaking Today
If your hard drive is to blame you'd better hope it's still within your warranty period as a format isn't going to help the issue.


This sounds like one of two problems:

1. Did you install a FAT32 based operating system on your machine and are dual booting? If so, this would cause this kind of problem.

2. If you didn't install a FAT32 based operating system, try running a system repair. You can do this by inserting your Windows CD and booting to the CD. Choose to install the OS. After it scans your HD, it will ask you if you would like to repair your OS (same as reinstalling), or start from a fresh copy. Choose repair. That will fix the problem as well.


Tomorrow Tweaking Today
DO NOT use system repair if you have SP1 or Windows won't boot up. That would give you a far bigger headache than you have currently !

Hipster Doofus

Good grief Charlie Brown
Here's something to try> You'll need FAT system though not NTFS.

To correct the problem, the user must boot the computer with a Windows 95 or 98 Startup diskette or another bootable diskette with sys.com on it. Then, at the "A:\>" prompt, type "sys c:" and press "enter." A "System Transferred" prompt should appear and then the user must reboot the computer without the diskette.

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