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Another Msn Problem


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I can't remember if this was posted, by me or somebody else so I'm just posting it again. I have Msn Messenger 6.2 and things are fine except one thing. My msn always signs in by itself. If I sign out at night, wake up in the morning and go on my computer it's back online with millions of people talking to me. Why does it do this...how can I fix this?
Delte your passport .
click start
double click you picture at the top of menu
click BACK twice
Left hand side "Manage my network passwords"
select your one that keeps logging on and delete it.

When you start MSN next time it will ask you to log in, but don't click log on automatically


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lke said above. It sounds like your internet connection might be bouncing in and out, and you have it set to connect with connection ...

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