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Another graphic error


Questions R me
This might not be new, but I can't seem to work it out.

My system has trouble with my Asus GeForce2 v7100 MX graphics card.

It causes the system to shut down and the following error is displayed:

STOP:0X000000EA (0X81CC66A8,0X82269ECO,0X823D4B60,0X00000001)

I've updated the VIA4in1 drivers the correct way, I've trid NUMEROUS nvidia drivers and noone fixes it - I've tried lowering the memory usage by the graphics card according to an article(can't remmember the location)

I've tried searching Microsofts Knowledge Base and it came up blank.. maybe I'm just a fool, but I can't see what to do next :(

Please help..


Questions R me
ah.. thanks, the via article was the one I was referring to...

So in other words.. I have to just disable the hardware accelleration? Won't that seriously impact the performance?


Questions R me
The weird thing is that when I turn on the computer I get as far as the login screen(I have two accounts, min and the gf's - her's is limited :D).. when I press either account it goes bsod(hehe), then I reboot(or let it restart on it's own, dosen't matter) and I get into windows, after a couple of mins it goes bsod. Repeat and I can now use the pc for 20 mins, BANG bsod.. Repeat, now I can use the pc for hours, sometimes it goes bsod, sometimes it dosen't..

So yes, I can play 3D games.. I've completed Ghost Recon on it, with the problem :)

It's just really annoying!
lol. Try a few of the things in that article - see what happens... you can always put it back. Put a link to it in your favorites folder... I'm sure a fix is being developed and that's probably one of the first places that will post it... that and the Geforce site.

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