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another fan?


the retarded one
i finally got around to sorting the inside of my case out (wires everywhere) and since doing so (tie wraps!) the case temp has dropped from 50c to 41/2c which i was pleased about, the cpu dropped from 50c to 45c (idle) and 56 to 50 (doing usual stuff, playing halo/ut2k4) which is also good, but i think should be lower?...anyway i was wondering if it'd be an idea to get another 80mm case fan for the side panel (ie cutting a hole in the side window) to have it blowing right into the centre of the case. cpu is an amd64 3200+ with a Zalman CNPS7000B-Cu on it (and arctic silver 5) and the case is a Coolermaster ATC 210B-AX1 with 2 blue led coolermaster 80mm fans in (top of case = intake, back of case = exhaust)


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
Personally I could live with those temps no problem. My XP3000+ runs with same cooler and stock paste and is about 56oC up to about 60oC under load depending on how I set my fanmate Case temps probably averaging 44oC too, but I have a passively cooled 9600XT in there and a Tagan PSU which can get somewhat warm. Anyway, the point is if it is all stable I think you are fine - also consider FLOW when installing any fan, you may find an intake at the front and an added exhaust at rear more effective (they say is is an idea to match ins to outs to keep pressure equal). But I can tell you your machine is goind to start getting noisy this way!


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With my asus a8v deluxe mobo and 3800 processor it idles at 27 and when playing farcry it goes up to about 45 pretty good i think. Isn't cool and quiet the best thing ever!


the retarded one
ok thanks Mainframeguy, my psu (antec trueblue 480w, which i think is about to die) doesnt help the case temp either, graphics is fine, i bought an arctic cooling rev 4 cooler thing and that took the gpu temp fron 74C to 58c...well impressed with that

anyway, i'll just leave it as it is.



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just a word of my own experience, i have 1- 120mm intake fan, jet7 blower on the amd xp3200, thermaltake northbridge blower, and southbridge cooling fins, pci exhaust fan right under the ati 9500pro with its own fan on there as well, 1- 80mm exhaust fan, 2- dual ball bearing fans in teh PS, and 1- 80mm fan blowing out the top and 1 80mm blowing out the right side. so 10 in total.

-- edit, needless to say the thing sounds like a jet, or turbines of the like, but all i do is turn the volume up on the klipsch speakers and i dont hear it anymore. as far as temps, it never really fluctuates even under heavy load. very minor change in processor temp, but that is to be expected.

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